You and a friend are both out on a nice summery evening. One of you comes inside covered in mosquito bites, while the other declares herself delightfully bite-free at the end of the night. So, what gives?

It’s not an unfamiliar scenario. As a matter of fact, some studies suggest that about twenty percent of the population is especially attractive to mosquitoes, while others simply are less likely to attract unwanted attention. But why do these pests seem to zero in on certain individuals while others remain untouched?

Why Do Mosquitoes Prefer Certain People?

While we don’t know all the factors that make a person look extra tasty to mosquitoes, researchers have identified some things that may contribute to leaving you scratching while your neighbor is unaffected. If you’re among the often-bitten, a combination of these factors may contribute to why.

Body odorlittle boy with a gray shirt looking at a mosquito bite on his arm

While you want to smell good to other people, it turns out mosquitoes have preferences when it comes to smell too. As a matter of fact, they have a keen sense of smell and are sensitive to the blend of chemicals present in human body odors, such as ammonia, uric acid, and lactic acid. Some people tend to emit more of these than others.

On a related note, mosquitoes can smell sweat… and they like the compounds in it. So on buggy days, consider moving your workout indoors!


In addition to skin chemistry, the balance of bacteria on our skin can impact mosquito preference. We all naturally have rich microscopic life inhabiting the surface of our skin, and some research shows that the amount and diversity of bacteria influences whether the mosquito population will be more or less drawn to you. Ever notice that mosquitoes often go for the ankles? Ankles and feet may be especially hospitable to bacteria colonies.

Blood type

Mosquitoes prefer some blood types to others. What types attract them most? Those with type O blood were most likely to be bitten in a recent study. And, while not as attractive as O, those with type B blood were more likely to be bitten than type A.

Carbon dioxide

The carbon dioxide we exhale helps mosquitoes hunt us. Because they’re skilled at detecting it even from a significant distance, CO2 acts as a signal for them as they look for dinner. People who are larger or who are engaging in activities that increase their metabolic rate tend to produce more CO2, which then makes them easier for mosquitos to hunt down.

Not that we recommend holding your breath as a means of mosquito control!


Mosquitoes are attracted to body heat, so if you’ve been exercising or naturally tend to run warm, it’s more likely that you’ll find yourself a meal for mosquitoes.


While not a lot of research has been done yet, studies point to mosquitoes significantly preferring pregnant to non-pregnant people. Given that mosquitoes are drawn to warmth, CO2, and a higher metabolic rate, this isn’t surprising – people who are pregnant tend to have a warmer body temperature and exhale a greater volume of breath than non-pregnant people.

Beer consumption

Is it possible that mosquitoes like beer? One study seems to suggest it. Researchers found that many more mosquitoes were drawn to beer drinking participants over those who drank the same amount of water after just one drink.

Clothing color

It’s possible that it’s not only your beverage choice that influences mosquito behavior, but your choice of shirt as well. Mosquitoes gravitate toward people with dark colored clothing, perhaps partially because it retains more heat or is easier for them to see.

Opting for light colored and loose fitting clothing might minimize visual clues that draw mosquitoes toward you, saving you from some itchy bites. And, of course, the more skin you cover, the less accessible areas you have to bite.

How Can I Keep Mosquitos Away for Good?

little girl with a striped shirt looking at a mosquito bite on her armMosquitoes are irritating – to you, your guests, and your pets. They can also carry diseases. As a matter of fact, there’s really no benefit to having them swarm your yard. And while the exact reasons why mosquitoes tend to bite some people and leave others alone aren’t fully understood, a combination of genetic, chemical, and environmental factors certainly contribute to mosquito preferences.

Now, it might be challenging to change your body odor or rate of respiration, but the good news for folks in Suffolk County is that there are factors you can control – like investing in quality pest control services with us.

 If you’ve had enough of mosquitoes, one solution that outstrips donning light-colored clothing, sprays, and citronella candles is spraying your yard. At Mosquito Solutions, we spray natural, environmentally friendly insect repellent on our clients’ properties. This spray not only kills adult pests, but disrupts egg cycles in order to provide long-lasting impact.

Don’t Wait Any Longer – Call Today

Even with summer in full swing, it isn’t too late to take action. Once we’ve applied mosquito, flea, and tick repellent, you’ll notice the results within hours – and you won’t believe the difference a full 24 hours makes! If you’re one of the unlucky individuals that mosquitoes take a shine to, call to see how we can have you back on your patio and bite-free in no time.

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