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Those living in Sound Beach know there are great local spots to visit like Sound Beach Park and other shops and restaurants, but sometimes days spent at home are the best ones.

Now, picture it. The weather is ideal for outdoor time, so you set up a chair on your porch, grab your latest read, and sit back, ready to enjoy some sunshine. That is, until you hear it… an annoying buzzing right by your ear. So, you throw on some bug spray and sit back down, only to get bitten by a mosquito a few minutes after settling in.

What’s the next best step? Give our team of pest control experts a holler, so that you can put these issues to rest once and for all. We serve Sound Beach, Miller Place, Mt. Sinai, Rocky Point, and many more areas surrounding. Call us at 631-528-2029 or reach out online today to get started.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Humans?

Ok – so you’re covered in bug bites and loathe going outside because you know you’ll be swarmed. It’s time to invest in some professional help, and we’d love to be there for you. So, you give us a call, set up an appointment, and breathe a sigh of relief. But wouldn’t it be easier if mosquitoes just… weren’t so pesky to begin with? 

Why do they bite us humans, anyway?

Well… one thing many don’t know is that it’s only the female mosquitoes that are in need of human blood. It helps them grow stronger and get necessary nutrients for reproduction, so that they can keep their species alive and thriving. When not looking for something to fuel the reproductive cycle, mosquitoes are content to snack on nectar and similar substances.

A mosquito on someone's skin with a green background

But again… why humans? Lots of creatures have blood running through their veins, so why not stick with cows, horses, and other animals? Well, it seems that mosquitoes can, in fact, tell whether their host is human or not, and whether or not it bites a human rather than an animal might simply come down to preference. In other words, just like we have taste preferences, it turns out mosquitoes might too.

There are also things that can make specific humans more preferable than other ones – things like skin chemistry, bacterial balances, clothing color, carbon dioxide production, and more.

Again, we can’t do much to stop mosquitoes from biting, but we can stop them from settling in your yard in the first place. Don’t wait to reach out today.

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