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Do you live in East Setauket? Then, you know there’s lots to enjoy around the area. Visit nearby parks like East Setauket Pond Park, Frank Melville Park, Trustees Park, and more, or spend your day out and about, seeing what local shops have to offer.

Or, if staying at home is more your vibe, enjoy the sunshine from your yard totally mosquito-free thanks to the team here at Mosquito Solutions.

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Do Mosquitoes Serve a Purpose?

Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks… we all know how annoying these pests can be. But do they actually serve a bigger purpose in the world, other than feasting on humans and our pets?

Actually, yes. Mosquitoes are known for helping with pollination, tick populations can help scientists evaluate the surrounding ecosystem (for instance, less ticks often equals a higher population of small mammals), and fleas play an important part of tapeworms’ development (ok, that maybe doesn’t seem so necessary, but hey).

And all of these insects serve as tasty food for bigger critters.

But, in terms of human health and living, mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas are only a nuisance, simply making our lives worse, rather than offering any benefits. Because of this, you should feel no shame or guilt investing in pest control services to eliminate them from your yard space.

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It’s Time to Reach Out

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