The Mosquito Solutions Team Is Here to Keep Rocky Point Yards Free of Mosquitoes & Pests

Have you spent some time at any of Rocky Point’s outdoor scenes like Rocky Point State Pine Barrens Preserve or Rocket Ship Park when the weather is nice? As fun as these local spots might be, it’s not always guaranteed you’ll go home free of bug bites.

Now, while we can’t always control what types of pest control strategies are used in public spots like these, the team at Mosquito Solutions can keep your home and yard space under control. If you’re in Rocky Point, Middle Island, Ridge, Sound Beach, East Shoreham, or anywhere else nearby, call on us for all of your mosquito, tick, and flea spraying needs.

Woman spraying bug spray on her arm with greenery in the background

Our Pest Control Services

We offer the following quality services:

  • Mosquito Spraying: Most associate mosquitoes with red, scratchy bumps and skin irritations, but their presence can be more than just an annoyance… It can also invite disease and illness into your life. Combatting mosquitoes is something we take seriously, and we’d be happy to apply our products, so your yard is pest-free in no time.
  • Flea Spraying: Fleas are notorious for making our pets and outdoor critters uncomfortable, but can they hurt humans too? You bet. In fact, like mosquitos, they can leave painful marks – and even spread diseases. Fortunately, our spraying treatment works to eliminate these pests too.
  • Tick Spraying: If you’ve ever had a tick bite you or someone you know, then you’re well aware of how difficult they can be to remove. Once they dig into your skin, getting them out is a hassle, and the longer they latch on, the higher your risk is of getting some type of illness from their bite. We’ll work to get rid of them from your outdoor space for good.

We Use Trusted Products

So, what do we use to eliminate these bugs and troublesome pests from your yard once and for all? Stop The Bites.

This is a natural product that is environmentally friendly and works fast to offer long-lasting protection. Not only does it kill off current pests, but it stops their egg cycles, too, guaranteeing you an enjoyable yard space for the long haul.

Stop Swatting & Reach Out To Us Today

If you’re swatting mosquito after mosquito every time you walk out your front door, put a stop to these annoyances for good by giving our Certified Pesticide Applicators a call. Dial 631-528-2029 or book online with us today.

Sound Beach sounds like a great place to enjoy the outdoors, but only if you take advantage of the pest control services we provide within our service area.