Wading River Homeowners Rely on Mosquito Solutions for Pest Control Services

Home to great spots like Wildwood State Park and Police Officer’s Memorial Park, there’s no denying that Wading River is a lovely place to settle down. And it’s an area that we love serving season after season.

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How Are Mosquitoes Harmful?

So, it’s your day off of work, you’ve got your errands completed, you’ve mailed off your bills, and now it’s time to enjoy the weather by sitting on your patio with a good book. That is if you’ve depended on pest spraying services from Mosquito Solutions. If you haven’t, you might be getting bitten up and swarmed, making your time outdoors less than enjoyable.

What harm can this cause?

  • Skin Irritation: Mosquitoes bite your skin and can cause some serious irritation. Some notice this more than others, but if you’re more sensitive to the bites, you may notice some major redness and swelling. Not only is this annoying, but it can be scratchy and uncomfortable too.
  • Disease Transfer: Did you know that, of all animals, mosquitoes kill the most humans per year? That’s because they carry diseases, spreading them to areas that might otherwise not be exposed.
A person scratching bug bites on her legs and in the background are trees.
  • Lowered Morale: If you seem to get bitten every time you go outside, it can result in you keeping yourself cooped up on your couch. If you’re normally more of an outdoor cat, this can put a big damper on your mood and make life less fun and enjoyable.
  • Animal Impact: Not only do mosquitoes hurt humans, but they can be harmful to our pets too. Like with us, they can be subject to skin irritation, diseases, and a lowered quality of life.

Long story short – mosquitoes shouldn’t be welcome anywhere near your home, and we want to offer you a solution to keep them out for good. Reach out today – we’re always happy to hear from you.

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