Mosquito, Tick, or Flea Problems in Mt. Sinai? Call On Mosquito Solutions

Home to popular spots like Cedar Beach Town Nature Preserve, The Heritage Center, and Mount Sinai Harbor, Mt. Sinai is a great place to live and visit. Whether you’re exploring the area, getting some groceries, mailing that package you’ve been meaning to, or simply spending the day at home, we’re hoping the day is warm, full of sunshine, and bug-free.

And if it’s not? Well, we might not be able to control the weather, but we sure can help ensure your yard is cleared of pesky mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. If you live in Mt. Sinai, or any surrounding areas, like Miller Place, Port Jefferson Station, Belle Terre, Sound Beach, and more, give us a call at 631-528-2029 or reach out to us online now.

Why Work With Us?

  • We’re Certified Pesticide Applicatiors with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).
  • We use an all-natural mosquito repellent called Stop the Bites.
  • Customers describe us as honest, reliable, and respectful.
  • We’re known for showing up on time and when we say we will.
  • We always put your needs and wishes first and foremost.
  • We’re a family-owned business with strong ethics and values.
little girl with a striped shirt looking at a mosquito bite on her arm

How Can I Eliminate Mosquito Populations Around My Home?

Well, the first (and most obvious) solution we recommend is calling on us. Once we apply our solutions, you’ll first start noticing results in as little as 30 minutes. After a few hours have gone by, you’ll note an even bigger improvement, and after a full day? Well, it’ll be as if mosquitos and other pests were never there to begin with.

Other solutions that might help to keep things in check?

  • Get rid of standing water. If you have any stagnant water in your yard, mosquitoes and other bugs will be attracted to it as a potential breeding spot. Check all over for common spots for pooling water and get rid of it – think outdoor pet bowls, planters, flower pots, old buckets, and more.
  • Maintain your swimming pool. Have a pool on your property? These can be lots of fun, but they also are a perfect hangout spot for pests. Keep it cleaned and maintained to avoid an invasion.
  • Invest in screens and nets. While these won’t keep mosquitos out of your entire yard space, they can definitely keep them out of areas where you’re trying to relax.
  • Keep your landscaping managed. If you have lots of overgrown trees, bushes, and grassy spots, consider investing in some yard maintenance – whether that means extra tools for you or an outside company to keep things in check.
  • Keep large water storage containers covered. Have large water barrels or drums in your yard? Keep them tightly sealed and covered to prevent water-loving bugs from swarming in and setting up homes and breeding grounds.

Invest in Quality Pest Control Solutions With Us

Ready to work with the best to get your yard space all set and perfect for relaxing, get-togethers, and all types of outdoor fun? Give us a call at 631-528-2029 now. You can also reach out online, and we’ll be in touch. Thanks for trusting us!

We love visiting the members of our service community of Port Jefferson. That just means even more peope can be comfortable and relaxed in their outdoor home setting.