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Looking to spend some time outdoors enjoying the sunny and warm weather? Forsythe Meadow County Park, Avalon Nature Preserve, and T. Bayles Minuse Mill Pond Park are all great spots to visit. And, not to sound crazy, but the post office is worth a look, too, if you’re out and about. It’s considered the focal centerpiece of the Stony Brook Village Center.

Or maybe rather than going out, you’re looking to bring the fun to your home in the form of a backyard get-together. Sounds great! Just ensure you and your guests can enjoy the day to the fullest by investing in pest control services from us ahead of time.

Mosquito Solutions is here for homeowners all throughout the Suffolk County area. Give us a call at 631-528-2029 or reach out online today.

A mosquito on a patch of snow

Do I Need Pest Control Services in the Winter?

So, while the shivering days of winter aren’t everyone’s favorite time of year, there is one perk to snowfall and freezing temps – the mosquito, tick, and flea populations seem to vanish. Well, the unfortunate news is that many of these pests don’t simply die off – they actually just go dormant as things cool down.

And even worse? The ones that do die off typically leave behind a legacy of eggs that sit, waiting and ready, for temps to rise so they can hatch and start wreaking havoc.

So, long story short… While pest control services aren’t on the top of any homeowners to-do list during the cooler months of the year, keeping a plan in mind for when temps do eventually warm up again is important. Once the snow and ice start melting, you can bet those buzzing bugs will stir themselves up, and they’ll be ready to feed.

Why call on Mosquito Solutions?

Why do folks in Stony Brook, St. James, Centereach, Setauket, Terryville, and more turn to us every time bugs start swarming? Because, as Certified Pesticide Applicators with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), rest assured we know how to apply products that are both safe and effective.

In other words, your pest problems will be resolved without putting your home – or those in it – at risk in the process.

In addition to that, we’re known for being prompt, professional, affordable, and honest. Basically, we’re everything you want in a home service business. Reach out today with questions. We’re happy to get you the answers you’re looking for.

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Enjoy a pest-free outdoor season in nearby East Setauket, a valued part of our service area.