a fall outdoor scene with leaves on the ground and a bright sun shining through trees in the backgroundThe leaves have started to change and pumpkin spice is taking over coffee shops and retail shelves. It’s that time again in the Northeast – fall is upon us. The arrival of fall means a welcome reprieve from those scorching hot summer days and, more importantly, it’s the first indication that the end of mosquito season is just around the corner.

While it’s sad to say farewell to the freedom of summer and the ability to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family, you probably won’t miss mosquitoes crashing barbecues or dealing with swollen, itchy bites.

Mosquitoes aren’t only a pesky annoyance, they’re transmitters of dangerous diseases like West Nile virus and Zika virus. Although mosquito activity falls when temperatures drop, you can’t drop your guard completely. Suffolk County residents should still take precautions by booking an appointment with Mosquito Solutions online or by calling us at 631-528-2029. We can help you through the final days of mosquito season worry-free.

What Is Mosquito Season?

Mosquito season refers to the time of the year when mosquitoes are most active in a specific region. During the height of mosquito season, mosquitoes are widespread and more likely to be found outdoors, posing a nuisance and potential health risk to humans and animals.

In most areas, mosquito season coincides with an increase in temperature because mosquitoes are ectothermic – or cold-blooded.

How Long Is Mosquito Season in Suffolk County?

Usually from April to sometime near the end of October.

New York is no stranger to precipitation. We get hit all year long, whether it’s winter snowstorms or rain showers during the summer months. That means there’s always plenty of standing water for mosquitoes to breed and lay their eggs. …but you may have noticed that their activity goes into overdrive when the weather is at its warmest.

As the atmosphere heats up, it creates the perfect combination of heat and humidity that mosquitoes thrive in. In Suffolk County, temperatures start to tick up in April and rise throughout August. Unfortunately, even though things begin to cool down towards the middle of September, mosquito season can last through October. 

What time of year are mosquitoes least active?

It’s not really about a specific time of year for mosquito activity. Instead, you should focus on temperature levels. The ideal number for mosquitoes is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Historically, temperatures don’t get that high until at least March, but this past January was the warmest January on record in New York since 1932.

Also, mosquito eggs can survive colder months, so if temperatures start spiking sooner than anticipated, you can expect mosquito season to kick off much earlier.

Do Mosquitoes Die Off When Mosquito Season Ends?

a black mosquito on a green leaf with water droplets on itSome species of mosquitoes do die off during the colder months, while others will hibernate. There are about 50 different mosquito species in Suffolk County, but the most common are the Northern House Mosquito and the Asian Tiger Mosquito. The Northern House Mosquito is known to transmit West Nile virus and, although it is possible for them to survive the winter, they do usually opt to hibernate.

The Asian Tiger Mosquito doesn’t hibernate in the traditional sense. Instead, they enter a state of diapause during the winter months. Diapause is typically triggered by environmental cues such as changes in day length and drought, while hibernation is primarily initiated by cold temperatures and reduced food availability. 

Do I still have to take precautions even at the end of mosquito season?

While mosquito activity tends to decrease as temperatures drop and fall and winter approach, it’s not uncommon for some mosquito species to remain active in milder climates or during unseasonably warm periods. 

How Can Mosquito Solutions Help with My Mosquito Problem?

We believe in taking a vigilant approach to mosquito control. We use mosquito repellent spray around your property and eliminate potential breeding sites to limit activity and stop reproduction in its tracks. Our product of choice is Stop The Bites® – a natural and environmentally-friendly spray specifically designed to take out mosquitos and ticks. It begins to work within a matter of hours and even disrupts future egg cycles.

Mosquito Solutions is a fully licensed and insured family-owned business, and we’re proud to serve residents all over Suffolk County. Our technicians are Certified Pesticide Applicators through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).

Don’t Relax Because Mosquito Season Is Ending

A change in seasons doesn’t mean you should take your eye off the ball when it comes to mosquito control. Just because they’re out of sight, doesn’t mean they aren’t hiding away somewhere waiting for the chance to feed again.

Schedule an appointment with Mosquito Solutions now to guard your home against these blood-thirsty pests. Call us at 631-528-2029 or reach out online today. You can trust us to take care of you and your family.