Mosquitos – the little biting beasts that have found their way into homes throughout the entire world. Not only do their bites cause us to itch and scratch, but they can also transmit diseases. And depending on where you are in the world these diseases can range from annoying to downright deadly.

In fact, can you guess what animal kills the most humans every year? You may have figured it out based on the subject of this article, but many are surprised to learn it’s the mosquito. In 2022, malaria alone infected 247 million people and caused 619,000 deaths.

If you’re looking to avoid these pests, we can’t say we blame you. So, what are the best states to move to for accomplishing this? And which should you avoid?

5 States With the Highest Mosquito Population

  • mosquito on a green leafFlorida: The climate in Florida is humid and warm, and it’s famous for its swamp lands. Since heat and standing water provides the perfect environment for breeding mosquitoes, this makes Florida number one on our listThere are more than 80 species of mosquitoes in Florida, and they are active year-round. While your chances of getting a disease from a bite in Florida are low, certain species of mosquitoes are really good at transmitting viruses like Zika, dengue fever, and yellow fever.
  • Texas: For the same reasons Florida is a favorite mosquito dwelling place, so too is Texas. With plenty of humidity and standing water, Texas is more than a vacation spot for mosquitoes – this state is home to over 85 species of the flesh-biting insects.
  • Louisiana: You’ve probably noticed by now that the hot, humid, and water logged states are filling up our top five list of the highest mosquito-populated states. Louisiana is home to over 60 species of mosquitoes. From early spring to late autumn, mosquitoes in Louisiana are looking for a meal – and they want more than jambalaya.
  • Mississippi: Like Louisiana, Mississippi has over 60 different mosquito species that make the state their permanent residence. Though getting a disease from a mosquito is unlikely, it’s always worth taking as much precaution as you are able when outdoors in Mississippi.
  • Georgia: Rounding out our top five highest mosquito dense states is Georgia. It turns out that Ray Charles isn’t the only one with Georgia on his mind. Over 60 species of mosquitoes have Georgia on their mind too – probably because of its perfect climate for breeding more mosquitoes.

The good news is, not all states are created equal when housing these pesky creatures. Which brings us to…

5 States With the Lowest Mosquito Population

  • Alaska: In contrast to Florida, Alaska’s climate is cold and dry. Mosquitoes have a hard time living in this type of climate. It doesn’t keep them all away, however – Alaska still has a few species of mosquito. That said, they don’t tend to transmit disease, and they are only out and about for a few hours a day in the short summer months.
  • Oregon: While Oregon has a damp climate, the humidity is usually low and the temperature is mild. Only a few species of mosquitoes reside in Oregon, and like Alaska, they are only active for a few short months throughout the year.
  • Washington: Like Oregon, Washington has a mild and damp climate that is not conducive to mosquito breeding.
  • California: California is a large state with a variety of climates. However, the mostly dry and mostly mild weather patterns is not the best for breeding mosquitoes. There are only a few species of mosquitoes found in California, and they aren’t very dangerous.
  • Colorado: The only state in this list that doesn’t border an ocean is Colorado. This state’s elevation creates a dry and arid climate. You will still get bitten by mosquitoes, though, as they get active around dusk for a few short months in the summer.

Does Suffolk County NY Fall Have High Mosquito Populations?

Suffolk County, New York, has a fairly moderate mosquito population when compared to the rest of the United States. While there are around 40 different species of mosquitoes here in our county, they are only active from late spring until the early fall. We all know that the mosquitoes here in our county can be quite annoying, but the good news is, they aren’t known for carrying any significant diseases.

It’s always a good idea to take proper precautions to avoid those pesky bites. Wearing protective clothing and using insect repellents when spending time outside – especially at dawn and dusk when the mosquitos are hungriest – will help guard against unnecessary bug bites and help you keep your sanity.

And, of course, be sure to rely on your trusted mosquito-repelling team of experts – that’s us.

Does Disney World Have Mosquitoes?

…and if so, how do they keep them from being a problem?

a Mickey Mouse shaped pretzel from Disney WorldWhile Suffolk County is pretty magical, many people wonder if Disney World has any mosquitoes flying about. Hailed as being the most magical place on earth, is it even possible that something so aggravating as mosquitoes would be able to find their way into the park?

Even though it’s hard to imagine a place like Disney World would have even a single mosquito, we can’t forget that it is located right in the heart of the most mosquito ridden state in America. They visit the park just like us, but instead of themed restaurants full of Disney characters, they are dining on park visitors. 

That said, the theme park goes to great lengths to keep mosquitoes out and park visitors happy by using things like larvicides that kill mosquito larvae before they are able to grow into adults, as well as using traps to capture, study, track, and control the mosquito population.

Even with all the precautions taken, the park cannot completely get rid of all mosquitoes. If you are planning a trip to Disney World, make sure to bring some insect repellent along with your Mickey Mouse hat. If you forget to bring bug spray, don’t worry, though – complimentary repellent is provided to guests at various stations throughout the park.

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